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    Practical Ways To Sharpen The Memory & Intellect

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    डिलीवरी की तारीख: 5-8 दिन


    In this age of intellectual evolution, the race and craze for brighter
    intellect and augmented talents has risen up to its peaks. Just
    anyone who matters or who cares for his progressive existence is
    keen to advance and expand his mental potentials and knowledge at
    a rapid pace. Who among us does not want to be intelligent? Who
    would not like to sharpen his or her memory? But..., How? This
    small book presents an effective answer to this big "How"? It would
    tell us how we can improve our intellectual powers and enrich our
    memory by ourselves in a natural way.

    We are all aware how the excessive stress and increasing
    competitions have added to people's tensions and feeling of
    insecurity. Psychosomatic disorders, mental weaknesses too have
    assumed alarming dimensions in the society of ours- the intelligent
    beings. Use of tranquilizers and intoxicating addictions adopted
    in search of mental peace, seem to have become essential evils' of a
    large section of people's life in one form or the other. The 'so-called'
    brain-tonics and memory pills too are becoming popular despite
    awareness of the harmful side effects of synthesized drugs and
    steroids. The herbal and plant preparations, natural brain-tonics,
    and simple exercises and practices advised in this book offer best
    alternatives and guide us to the most secured and assured path of
    real intellectual prosperity.

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    Authorपंडित श्रीराम शर्मा आचार्य
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