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    About us

    Jai Jinendra!

    We welcome you to a unique shopping experience at Jainkart. As jains ourselves, we felt a dire need to address the demands of this community all across the globe for products related to jainism, for all sects, and for every need. Jainkart is an attempt to satiate this, and in doing so play our part as a small contributor ourselves. We intend to be your one stop shop online for all needs related to this beautiful thread that binds us all - jainism. We see it as our priviledge to serve the jain community across India and beyond.

    While no one is perfect, we have made every possible attempt to bring the best, legitimate, and trustworthy products at your doorstep at the right price. However, if your feel we have missed something, or if we can improve our services in any way possible, we would love to hear your feedback at WhatsApp +918956355471, email , or using the chat available on the home page of this site.

    Jainkart is owned and operated by PM Projects.

     Warm wishes, Team Jainkart.