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    Health Tips From The Vedas

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    डिलीवरी की तारीख: 5-8 दिन


    The Vedic Science of Health is being seen by many as the
    leading mode of Alternative & Complementary Medicine and
    Therapy in the füture. Its promises in holistic healthcare are
    more because of its synergistic consideration of the mind-
    body system and comprehensive approach to diagnostics and
    treatment. Yoga and Herbal Nutrition & Medication are
    integral components of this ancient system of Health Care.

    The holistic approach to healthcare under this science pays
    attention to every aspect of life. It gives us practical guidance
    on the secrets of perfect health, which lie in its principle o
    living in complete harmony with our natural system. It is
    amazing to note that the recommendations made in the Vedic
    texts ages ago remain valid and effective even today. The
    ancient experts of this Vedic science had compiled a volume
    entitled Suvaaba Vratta Sammucbebaye to describe the
    methods of prevention of sickness and maintenance of health
    under changing conditions of weather, place, time, etc. This
    the book presents the excerpts from such scriptures that are most
    relevant and easy to follow in today's context. 1f we could
    adopt even a fraction of these in our daily life, lot of our time
    and money would be saved from running around the clinics
    and dispensaries in our hectic and stress-inducing schedules

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