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    Refinement Of Talents - Need Of The Present Era

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    Aspiration for recognition and respect is a common characteristic of
    self-identity and is also the major catalyst for progress in normal
    course of human life. Most often, the talented ones succeed faster
    and higher in this quest. Seeds of talent are present in a dormant
    state in everybody. With sincere efforts under adept
    guidance/environment, the seeds of talent grow into blossoming
    trees and produce new seeds. This is a kind of human alchemy.
    However, talent is precious only if accompanied with sense of
    responsibility, zealous courage and virtuous character. It is therefore
    important for aspirants of ascent in life to recognize and sharpen
    their talents along with self-refinement. The book provides
    adequate guidance in this regard. The salient features, principles
    and practical methods provided here would be very useful towards
    holistic development of personality.

    The book underlines epochal importance of the present phase of
    transition of an era and makes an inspirational appeal, a motivating
    call to all of us to refine and make the best use of our skills, talents, and
    potentials to contribute in shaping a bright future of the society and
    the entire world

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