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Real Matkasilk Plain Pooja jod

Pure Matkasilk Plain Pooja Jod

This beautiful matkasilk Pooja Jod is a really good option for your regular Mandirji Pooja, the finest quality of cloth keeps it durable. The cream color and lines make you look different from everyone while the traditional design of the Pooja Jod keeps us all aligned in a single objective of spiritualism. The color as well as the material keeps you cool and controls the sweat in this hot and dry climate of the Indian subcontinent. Soft cotton provides good comfort. The design of the Samayik Jod makes it easy to wear. 

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How to wear: The Samayik Jod is worn around the lower waist and drawn up between the legs. Approximately five knots are used to wrap this Samayik Jod while wearing it.



Dhoti: 4.5 meters

Khesh: 3 meters 

₹ 2,400.00
₹ 2,199.00
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