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Velvet Zardosi Work Samayik Kit

If you are looking for Charvala, baithka, pooja bag, Batwa, and other Samayik products then this Samayik set can be the solution to your search.
Get everything needed for Samayik in one combo with beautiful and interesting designs and colors so that everything goes with the theme.

Intricately designed and adorned with Zardosi work, this Boysenberry-colored Samayik kit will make you look different from everyone.


What is Zardosi?

Zardozi is widely used in India as a form of embroidery that originated in Persia. This word literally translates as Golden Embroidery from two Persian words: 'zar' means gold and 'dozi' means embroidery.


This Samayik Kit Includes✨

  • Samayik Bag
  • Big Batwa
  • Small Batwa
  • Pooja Rumal
  • Aasan
  • Charwala
  • Charwala Cover
  • Sthapnaji
  • Sapda
  • Book Cover



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