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Designer Tikki Dori Work Batwa/Potli


The Designer Tikki Dori Work Batwa/Potli is a traditional Indian handbag that is adorned with intricate tikki dori work. This batwa is designed in a potli or batwa style, which features a drawstring closure at the top.

The tikki dori work is a traditional Indian embroidery technique that involves using small beads and thread to create intricate designs and patterns on fabric. The designs typically feature floral or geometric motifs and are created using a combination of different colored beads and threads.

The Designer Tikki Dori Work Batwa/Potli is designed to be both beautiful and functional, with enough space to hold small essentials. The drawstring closure at the top ensures that the contents of the bag are secure and the strap makes it easy to carry.

The bag is perfect for traditional Indian occasions such as weddings, festivals, and other celebrations, and can be paired with Pooja jod or other clothes. The intricate tikki dori work adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.


  1. Pooja purposes: The bag can be used for carrying pooja items and is designed specifically for this purpose.

  2. Versatile gifting option: The bag makes a great gift for religious occasions such as 99 Yatra and Diksha, as well as weddings and other special events.

  3. Wedding accessory: The bag can be used as a carrying bag for wedding events, adding an elegant touch to the overall outfit.

  4. Daily use: The bag is not just limited to special occasions, but can also be used for daily purposes such as carrying personal items or shopping.

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