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Baby Saffron (Kesar) - 50MG

Baby Saffron brings you the finest, hand-picked pure, and genuine saffron. Baby Saffron has been selling the best quality saffron to connoisseurs worldwide. Made from the finest stigma, each thread is processed by hand to remove the yellow style and then sealed in a humidity-controlled environment.

Hygienically packed, this saffron gives you a taste, aroma, and consistently good quality that is incomparable to any other.

Health Benefits Of Saffron (Kesar)

1. Protection Against Cold
Saffron is an effective tonic to treat colds and fever. According to Macrobiotic nutritionist and Health practitioner Shilpa Arora, saffron mixed in milk and applied over the forehead quickly relieves cold. It consists of various healing properties and is warm in nature which helps reduce the risk of catching a cold. 

2. Promotes Memory Retention
A glass of saffron milk could also help boost your memory retention. It is also believed that saffron can help prevent oxidative stress in the hippocampus, further enhancing learning and memory skills.  

3. Relieves Menstrual Cramps
Saffron milk renowned for its rich anti-inflammatory properties is one warm and soothing potion women opt for during times of heavy abdominal pain and menstrual cramps to get some relief.

4. Good For Heart
A pinch of saffron could also do wonders for your heart. The active compound crocetin that is found in saffron has been known for its role in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood and preventing heart-related diseases to a large extent.

5. May Help Treat Asthma and Allergies

A glass of kesar doodh can help soothe joint pain, asthma, and a few mild weather-related allergies too.

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