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Premium Dhoop Sticks Box

Premium quality dhoop from Vasant dhoop sticks pack contains fragrances like Naman, Parshva, Kesar pooja, Ami jarna, Gugal, and Loban.
Natural dhoop fragrances help eliminate anxiety, improve mood and increase positive vibes all across your home, offices, and temples.
Natural earthy elements also help you during meditation and other spiritual practices throughout the day.

Dhoop symbolizes ascetic life. While burning itself dhoop provides fragrance to others.
Similarly one should spend their entire life selflessly for the benefit of all living brings.
In short, give your fragrance of life to others so they get connected and  relife themselves from all karma for the ultimate goal of moksha
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
FragranceMIX Fragrance
Quantity12 QTY 100 GRM IN ONE BOX
BrandAditya (Vasant Dhoop Sticks)
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