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    Regular gifts & Prabhavna items

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    Picture of Ashtmangal Darshan PVC (DZ1623)
    Picture of Ashtmangal Royal Frame (DZ1617)

    Ashtmangal Royal Frame (DZ1617)

    From ₹ 110.00
    Picture of Ashtmangal Wooden Patti (DZ1627)

    Ashtmangal Wooden Patti (DZ1627)

    From ₹ 35.00
    Picture of Jai Jinendra Patti  (DZ1624)

    Jai Jinendra Patti (DZ1624)

    ₹ 20.00
    Picture of Jai Mahaveer Wooden Patti  (DZ1626)

    Jai Mahaveer Wooden Patti (DZ1626)

    From ₹ 35.00
    Picture of Parshwa Navkar Padmavati Royal Frame (DZ1618)
    Picture of Ashtmangal (Golden Frame)

    Ashtmangal (Golden Frame)

    From ₹ 130.00
    Picture of Ashtmangal Patti 24 KT (DZ1607)

    Ashtmangal Patti 24 KT (DZ1607)

    From ₹ 115.00
    Picture of Ashtmangal (Medium, Golden Frame)

    Ashtmangal (Medium, Golden Frame)

    ₹ 150.00 ₹ 135.00
    Picture of Ashtmangal Square (DZ1608)

    Ashtmangal Square (DZ1608)

    From ₹ 135.00
    Picture of Ashtmangal Darshan Frame (DZ01)

    Ashtmangal Darshan Frame (DZ01)

    From ₹ 750.00
    Picture of Shri Ashtlaxmi Darshan (DZ6009)

    Shri Ashtlaxmi Darshan (DZ6009)

    From ₹ 750.00
    Picture of Silver Ashtmangal Darshan (DZ6013)

    Silver Ashtmangal Darshan (DZ6013)

    ₹ 1,300.00
    Picture of Mahaveer Swami Navkar Frame
    Picture of Car Hanging  Mix (DZ1631)

    Car Hanging Mix (DZ1631)

    ₹ 30.00
    Picture of Car Hanging Round  Mix (DZ1632)

    Car Hanging Round Mix (DZ1632)

    ₹ 30.00
    Picture of Charan Paduka (DZ1606)

    Charan Paduka (DZ1606)

    From ₹ 110.00
    Picture of Jai Jinendra Three Latkan (DZ1605)
    Picture of Navkar Hanging  golden (DZ1601)

    Navkar Hanging golden (DZ1601)

    ₹ 95.00
    Picture of Navkar Hanging  Small Gold (DZ1603)
    Picture of Jai Jinendra Dome (DZ1614)

    Jai Jinendra Dome (DZ1614)

    From ₹ 110.00
    Picture of Leaf Dome (DZ1611)

    Leaf Dome (DZ1611)

    From ₹ 180.00
    Picture of Navkar / Hrim Dome (DZ1613)

    Navkar / Hrim Dome (DZ1613)

    From ₹ 115.00
    Picture of Note (DZ1637)

    Note (DZ1637)

    ₹ 20.00
    Picture of Pen (DZ1636)

    Pen (DZ1636)

    ₹ 50.00
    Picture of Pen Stand (DZ1616)

    Pen Stand (DZ1616)

    From ₹ 50.00
    Picture of Royal Peti Pendant (DZ1615)
    Picture of Ogha Keychain (DZ1619)

    Ogha Keychain (DZ1619)

    ₹ 30.00 ₹ 25.00
    Picture of Hand  Counter (DZ1630)

    Hand Counter (DZ1630)

    From ₹ 55.00
    Picture of Navkar Mantra Audio (2 Pin) (DZ1633)
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