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Jain Dupatta

Jain Dupatta of Jainism has five colors: red, yellow, white, green, and blue. These five colors represent the Panca-Paramesthi (five supreme beings). It also represents the five main vows, which are small as well as great

  • White - represents the arihants, souls who have conquered all passions (anger, attachments, aversion) and have attained omniscience and eternal bliss through self-realization
  • Red - represents the Sidhha, souls that have attained salvation and truth. It also denotes truthfulness (satya)
  • Yellow - represents the acharya the Masters of Adepts
  • Green - represents the upadhyaya (adepts), those who teach scriptures to monks
  • Dark blue- represents the sadhus and sadhvis or monks and nuns
  • The Swastika in one side of the dupatta represents the four states of existence of soul
  • The three dots above the swastika represent the Ratnatraya (three jewels) of Jainism

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