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Carving Ashtmangal Frame

This beautiful ashtmangal frame is made up of wooden finishing fiber.
This beautiful and unique frame fits almost perfectly in any room.

  • Acrylic Glass and synthetic framing 
  • Wooden carving  ashtmangal

Ashtmangal - 8 Auspicious Jain Symbols.

1. Swastika - Signifies peace and well-being.

2. Shrivatsa - 'Vasta' means chest and 'Shri' means beauty. The middle of the chest is raised a little with a bunch of soft hair. This is called Shrivatsa. Shrivatsa means a beautiful mark manifested itself from the heart of the Jain

3. Nandhyavarta - Big Swastika with nine corners. In mythology, nine points in Nandhyavarta indicate nine types of material, mental, physical and spiritual wealth and treasure.

4. Vardha­manaka - Vadhamanaka is also known as Samput, which means a shallow earthen dish used for lamps. When one shallow dish is covered by another one upside down, it appears like a box. This symbol is suggestive of an increase in wealth, fame, and merit due to the grace of the Lord.

5. Sinhasana - (Sinhasana) meaning throne.
It is auspicious because it is sanctified by the feet of the blessed Lord.

6. Kalasha - Symbol of auspiciousness. It is a holy pitcher or a jug made of copper, silver or steel. It is used for religious and social ceremonies. It is used in temples when specific images are being worshipped. 

7. Minyugala - A pair of fish. It is a symbol of Cupid's banners coming to worship the Jina[2] After defeating the God of Love.

8. Darpana - Meaning a mirror. The mirror reflects one's true self because of its clarity.

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