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Parshav Prem Music Player

1919-स्तवन पाश्व प्रेम म्यूजिक प्लेयर 
जैन वर्ल्ड

 👉 नवसमरण, नाकोड़ा जी और मणिभद्रवीरजी के भक्ति गीत

 👉 भक्तामर स्तोत्र

 👉 तेरापंथ 

 👉 दिगंबर 

 👉 स्वानकवासी 

 👉 श्रीपाल मयना रास 

 👉 दिवाली चोपड़ा पूजन विधि 

 👉 दीक्षा भक्तिगीत, शांति स्त्रोत्र आनंद घन चोवीशी 

 👉 धर्म चक्र वंदना वली, पर्युषण पर्व स्तवन 


   1919-Stavans Pashva Prem Music Player

Jain World

 👉 Devotional songs of Navsamran, Nakoda Ji and Manibhadravirji

 👉 Bhaktamar Stotra

 👉 Terapanth

 👉 Digambar

👉 Swanakwasi

👉 Shreepal Mayana Ras

👉 Dipawli Chopda Poojan Vidhi

👉 Diksha Bhaktigeet, Shanti Strotra Aanand Ghan Chovishi

👉 Dharm Chakra Vandana Vali, Paryushan Parv Stavan

Key Features:-

2000 + Jain Bhakti Songs
USB Port
LED Torch
Easy to operate
Music player with FM radio

For bulk orders, please WhatsApp us at +91 8956355471, +91 9511889321

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Existing reviews
"Fast Shipping, Great Product"
Nidhi 14/1/2023 4:20 pm
Very good product from Jainkart
Compact design and good colorful display.
Rechargeable battery. Can be easily chargeable using a normal mobile charger.
Huge and good collection of many stavans and stutis and poojans.
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Excellent service and product 👍
Kavita 14/1/2023 12:30 pm
Excellent service and product 👍.. easy to operate the website and found almost all quality stuff on time without hassle. Thank you Jainkart for this wonderful service provided by the team... keep it up 👍
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