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Crystal Ring Raksha Potli / Multicolor Crystal Bracelet

Maharajsaheb ji ke haato se abhimantrit karane par ye, haat me bandhne se ye raksha potli apki buri chizo se raksha karti hai. Vishesh pujano me khas taur pe apko ye mil jati hai.

  • Raksha Potli Dhaga will be blessed with money, good health, and prosperity and is believed to protect children
  • Simple elegant looks nonallergic and non-irritating to the skin
  • We are using high-quality strong thread so can be worn throughout the year

For bulk orders, please WhatsApp us at +91 8956355471, +91 9511889321


Manufacturer: Jainkart
₹ 40.00
₹ 30.00
Price Breakdown
₹ 25.00
Delivery date: 5-8 days
Existing reviews
Jainkart is having good products
Paumil 1/2/2024 3:40 pm
Jainkart has good products and policies to fulfill jain prabhavna. They always have most of the crafts and books related.
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Excellent service!
HARSHIT 24/2/2023 5:53 pm
Purchased Raksha Potli from Jainkart and was extremely satisfied with my experience. The product was of excellent quality and the customer service was exceptional.

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5-Star Experience, Highly Recommend
Naresna 24/2/2023 1:14 pm
Purchased 300 pcs of different Rakhsa Potlis, all the Potlis are really good in quality, I'm extremely pleased.
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