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Ogha Keychain

Sleek and Sturdy Everyday Carry


This sleek and sturdy stainless steel key chain features the iconic Ogha symbol, a powerful representation of Jain principles. More than just a practical accessory for your bike, car, or home keys, it's a daily reminder of the values of non-violence, truth, and self-discipline.

Built to Last: Crafted from quality metal, this keychain is resistant to rust and tarnishing, maintaining its sleek look for years to come.

Versatility You Can Count On: Whether you're securing your bike, car, Prabhavana, or house keys, this versatile keychain is up for the task. Its compact size fits comfortably in your pocket or purse, while the secure closure keeps your belongings safely attached.

Affordable Quality: Experience the peace of mind that comes with a durable and stylish keychain without breaking the bank. This oogha keychain offers exceptional value for its price.

Ideal for Prabhavana: Share the essence of Jainism and inspire mindful living with this meaningful gift. The Ogha's symbolic power and affordable price make it perfect for gifting to a group of people during a Prabhavana ceremony.

Carry the essence of Jainism with you wherever you go. This Ogha key chain is a thoughtful way to connect with your faith and inspire mindful living. It also makes a wonderful gift for Prabhavana, spreading positive values and strengthening community bonds.

Order yours today and embrace the power of symbolism, strength, and Prabhavana.


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