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Ashtlaxmi Darshan Frame (Size - 7 x 6 inch)

Ashtlaxmi Darshan Frame

  • Silver Ashtlaxmi is enclosed in an exquisite frame. Size: 7 x 6 inches. A hook is provided on the back side of the frame to hang it.
  • Ashtlaxmi are a group of 8 manifestations (Adi, Dhana, Dhanya, Gaja, Santana, Veera, Vijaya, and Aishwariya) of Devi Lakshmi)
  • These pictures are traditional, yet modern in presentation, representing Indian art, and yet the first of its kind in India.
  • An elegant gift for the festive season, corporate occasions, and ceremonies.
₹ 660.00
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Delivery date: 5-8 days
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