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Ashtlaxmi Royal Peti/Box With Charan Paduka

  • Ashtlaxmi are a group of 8 manifestations (Adi, Dhana, Dhanya, Gaja, Santana, Veera, Vijaya, and Aishwariya) of Devi Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth
  • An elegant gift for the festive season, corporate occasions, and ceremonies.
  • Handcrafted Ashtlaxmi charan paduka and Laxmi mantra can give your house a divine feel.
    This handcrafted paduka can be a great gifting option during housewarming parties, birthday parties, weddings, and festivals. 

Do you want to customize this Royal Peti? you can customize the photo frame to make it a personalized and unforgettable gift by adding your name or the photos you want (only for bulk purchases).


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