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Plain Mupatti

The "Muhapatti" is a white square cloth of standard size that is used to cover the mouth during specific practices in Jainism. It serves as a protective barrier to prevent harm to airborne organisms while also promoting a sense of mindfulness and reverence for all living beings.

In particular, the Muhapatti is used during Samayik, when reciting sutras, doing Pratikaman vidhi, or engaging in important discussions. By covering the mouth, the cloth acts as a buffer to reduce the force of the practitioner's voice and prevent the hot air from their breath from harming any small air beings.

Additionally, the Muhapatti serves as a barrier to prevent small organisms from entering the mouth, thus reducing the chance of unintentionally inhaling and killing small insects or other airborne life.

Using a Muhapatti during these practices is considered an act of compassion and respect for all living beings, and is believed to bring great virtue and merit to the practitioner through the practice of Prabhavana.

Overall, the use of a Muhapatti in Jainism is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings and a symbol of the importance of mindfulness and compassion in one's spiritual practice.

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Jkart Custom 30/4/2024 12:24 pm
It's comfortable and plain, I liked that so much!
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Jkart Custom 27/4/2024 1:41 pm
The Plain Face Mask is comfortable and easy to wear. It provides good coverage and fits snugly without feeling too tight. Great for everyday use.
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Very Happy with my Purchase
Ashok 24/2/2023 12:10 pm
I purchased many things from Jainkart for samayik, I like the concept of used books at Rs.20, good initiative.
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