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Pooja Rumal (Mukkosh)

Mukkosh is also called Mukhavastrik. Mukkosh is used to prevent insects and microorganisms from being killed by inhalation.
The eight layers fold helps to protect micro-organisms.

This is an identical product. The design and color may change at the time of order dispatch. 

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Existing reviews
Thank you for making these things available!
Mahanta 29/3/2023 9:55 am
Received my order Thank you so much for sending these products and for keeping my trust!
I really wasn’t sure how this would turn out to be but I’m more than happy! Would love to order more.

Usually, we cannot order these things directly, it’s always via somebody or else when we go to tirth sthan only then we get some of the products, thank you for making these things available
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